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Sleeping Tablets Articles

Woman did not reveal alleged rape

A PSYCHIATRIST had been treating the woman who accused Labor MP Theo Theophanous of rape for two years before she mentioned the claim, a court has heard.

Life's Full Of Uppers And Downers

WHICH NRL superstar recently passed out on a combination of Red Bull, Valium and sleeping tablets after a drinking binge? In a disturbing trend for the game, we're told this combination has become the cocktail du jour for players on weekend sessions. Instead of playing Russian roulette with drug more

Dad Guilty Of Trying To Poison Kids

A JUDGE has convicted a Sydney man of trying to murder his two daughters by feeding them 120 sleeping tablets each, rejecting claims depression prevented him from telling right from wrong.

Agony Of A Man Who Killed The Love Of His Life

On August 12, 2002, Fred Thompson gave his wife, Katerina, six sleeping tablets and placed a pillow over her face. When she stopped breathing he gave her a kiss on the lips and then retired to his sitting room.

Why One In Five Boys Can't Sleep

LUKE Giblin has tried hot milk, warm baths, sleeping tablets and relaxation tapes with gently cooing birds - everything he can to get to sleep at a normal hour. One night last week he tossed and turned for six hours before drifting off at 5.30am. Luke, 16, more